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“Planning a wedding is a Herculean Task. From wedding decorations to caterers to music to guest lists to photographers and videographers, ALL takes a toll. For me, out of all these things, it was the wedding photographer that I was most concerned about, rather that was the most important aspect (other than the groom himself!).

I wanted not just a photographer who clicks pretty pictures and later edits them in sepia or enhances the colours. I wanted someone who understood why it was not about the photos but about memories captured. I wanted a person who understood that these photos are not just for Facebook and to get likes, but to cherish them even after 50 years. I found that person in Aditya. Not only did he understand what I was looking for but also the reason behind it. He explained me the idea of photo journalism and it resonated with what I wanted. I immediately hired him and from there we went on develop a beautiful relationship. I not only found a perfect photographer to ‘create’ my memories through his photos but also found a beautiful friend.

Aditya, you have given me the most precious moments of my life through your lens. Your pictures have caught the most beautiful moments, expressions and feelings. Every time I look at those pictures I am immediately taken back those moments as if I was reliving them. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift!” – Smita & Prateek

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“Aditya was selected as my wedding photographer before I met my husband. He covered my cousin's wedding and I loved his work. Aditya is amazing in his work, punctual, flexible and understanding. His team is as good as him. Big thank you to Aditya & his team for the amazing wedding pictures. In total awe of them!” – Neha & Shankar

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“Aditya covered my wedding week. I was personally very impressed with the quality of the deliverables and his punctuality. The coffee table books were delivered on time. Also, I like the fact that he has an eye for details and covered most of the moments. Wishing him best of luck for all his future endeavours” – Karan & Nikita

candid photographer delhi vatsala

“No matter how long we keep waiting for THE day, it passes in such a jiffy that before you realise, you are married!!! It is only through your photographs that you can relive those moments again and again, each time with new fondness. I am lucky to have found one great photographer in Aditya who has given me such beautiful and timeless memories from my wedding. A thorough professional who waited till the last ceremony and captured the most beautiful time of my life only to be running to catch a train to capture another beautiful wedding. I am indebted to him for the great job he did despite ill health. I wish you all the best in life Aditya. Each time I see my wedding pictures I thank my stars that I zeroed on you” – Vatsala & Kinjalk

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“Adi is a bright and extremely talented photographer. A fantastic wedding and candid photography done by him on my wedding day in delhi and i just love your work adi, all the emotions and moments were captured beautifully.If you’re looking for more fine art photographers, get in touch with Adi. All the best for all your future endeavours” – Neeru & Gaurav

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“Outstanding is the word to describe Aditya’s work.. Right from the concept to the final product every thing was absolutely perfect.. Would definitely recommend Aditya” – Asmita & Vijay

candid photographer delhi preeti

“I met Aditya 2 months before my wedding. After feeling not so impressed with a dozen other photographers I chanced upon a link to his webpage. I call that a very lucky “chancing upon”. I had one goal as far as the pictures were concerned,they had to be real , had to be candid and pictures that I can re visit and feel like a new bride all over again. Aditya did just that. He is very prompt, punctual and is a great listener. He patiently heard my brief for all the functions and gave excellent inputs as well. What I really liked about Aditya was his attention to details and the fact that he is very open to ideas from his clients. Having him as my photographer was fun and he is especially good with people who photograph not so well when aware that they are in the spotlight. He takes great candid shots and his turn around time is exceptional. Aditya is creative,personable and great fun to work with. He is the best choice for anyone who wants to freeze special memories and moments and cherish them for life. I wish him all the very best for all the awesome work that is going to come out of his lens” – Preeti & Abhishek

candid wedding photographer delhi

“Finding the ultimate wedding photographer can be quite a challenge for any bride, however with the rapport that I shared with Aditya I had an easy way out. I really liked the fact that he was so accommodating with even the tiniest of my requests. I love to celebrate culture and I wanted a photographer who understood the sentiments of the people with each ritual; someone who understood the thoughts undergoing in my mind and also capture the tender feelings of each moment. Aditya’s work speaks volume. His subtle attention to detail can leave you astonished and breathless. A part of me goes back in time whenever I browse through my wedding photos. Exactly what I wanted: to RELIVE each moment of my special day. Thankyou Aditya, from all of us” – Devanshi & Ashutosh

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“We picked Aditya to cover our wedding in Nov’14. We selected him from among other photographers in new delhi because of his past work quality, prompt responses, detailed description, reasonable budgeting. All my friends & family commented good on him being present at the right places & never intruding. The final set of pictures were delivered right on-time, with no delays or hassles. The pictures turned out to be very good & we are getting kudos from friends, family & everyone. We would definitely recommend Aditya for future events” – Sahil & Zrinka

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“For my wedding, if there was one thing on which I was not going to compromise(besides the bride),it was the photographer. With Aditya there were no compromises.The only remorse is that I didn’t rope him in for all the functions. He captured all the emotions in the most colorful and ‘candid’ way possible. He is a photographer for all occasions. And I am not going to Google for searching a photographer ever again” – Hemant & Shikha

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“Very rarely you find a combination of talent and a personal touch in a service agreement. With Aditya it was just this perfect combination that made our Photography journey perfect and memorable. Aditya is very professional. Respects his promises, very clearly communicates the commitment he can deliver and what he cant. Moreover the quality of work is just outstanding ! Me , Nupur and our families are really thankful to you for caputuring the best of moments for our wedding ceremonies. I see you growing very fast and very big .. best of luck :-)” – Parag & Nupur 

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“Satnam and I wanted to thank Aditya for the gorgeous pictures he took at our wedding. I get emotional each time I go on your website or check Facebook because I feel he did such an outstanding job capturing the day. Undoubtedly we will recommend Aditya to anyone looking for a candid photographer. Thanks for your professionalism, lightheartedness, and attention to detail. You made our day more special Thanks a lot Aditya” – Sumanjeet & Satnam

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“Nice to work with someone who is so passionate bout his some great shots” – Varun & Divya 

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"Aditya showcased an excellent work with my wedding pictures. We are happy to have him as our wedding photographer– Monam & Amit

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“Finalising a candid wedding photographer is quite a difficult task. We tried to find good candid photographers through our friends and some basic internet search. We came to know about Aditya through a friend who had his wedding shot by Aditya. This friend of ours showed his wedding shots to us and we really appreciated the way those emotions and moments were captured so perfectly. I immediately called Aditya to fix up an appointment. I found him very friendly and professional. I am happy that we made the right choice and every time we see those photos, we feel like living those moments again. I still remember that my vidai got delayed by a few hours and Aditya had another engagement the next day. He made sure that he wouldn’t leave work half done and without capturing the precious vidai moments. He later informed us that if he had left before the vidai he wouldn’t have had his best vidai shot. Thank Aditya for making our day memorable” – Anjali & Manvendra

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“After considering hundreds of photographers to shoot my wedding events, we signed up Aditya and I should say that was the best decision I ever made. Each and every picture that he shot was just jaw dropping. The pictures were just like paintings. The soul of the wedding was perfectly captured and every time me and my wife saw the pictures we re-lived those lovely moments of wedding. His enthusiasm, professionalism and drive was simply top notch. The albums, pictures from wedding, sangeeth and pre-wed shoot were delivered at rocket speed. One thing i should definitely mention, in the pre-wedding shoot he made the pictures shot in Vijayawada look like they were shot in Venice or Switzerland. I’d recommend Aditya to anyone that’s getting married, He’ll give you a treasure that will make you smile, blush, jump in joy even after you turn 70.!!” – Sandeep & Deepika

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“Aditya did marvellous job. Pictures are so important in life, the capture the moment and freeze it. Aditya froze the moments perfectly. He clicked moments worth capturing pics, which every time you see pic more you dote on them more. Other then clicking good pics he also mixed well with my family and friends. Everyone loved him in my family. Thanks a lot for, your work was stunning. Will look forward to invite him soon in next family wedding” – Richa & Abhishek

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